Became the co-sponsor of The Reconnection for Romania, a practitioner in 2007 and a Teaching Assistant and Practitioner Mentor in 2008, thrilled to be able to share and spread worldwide this amazing work.

Since 2010 Andra is an international instructor for “The Reconnective Kids Classes” and an Associate Instructor since 2015. Since 2007 her full time activity consists in offering Reconnective Healing and Reconnection sessions, each time in wonder and gratitude for the amazing experiences and the results of her clients. As an Associate Instructor she is happy and excited to teach the Reconnection Certified Practitioner Programs, so that more and more practitioners be able to facilitate Reconnections and Reconnective Healing sessions.

For her, the Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection are not only a healing method and an evolution path but also a new and extraordinary way of existence, “which I am always happy and honored to share, make known, teach and facilitate”.